SITE 2015

In spring 2015, I attended SITE 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of my colleague and I presented our study about the topic of "The Technological Landscape of Preservice Teachers: Faculty Technology Modeling", which we co-authored with Dr.Joan Hughes. It was a delightful experience for me, because I not only met some 'old' friends … Continue reading SITE 2015


Setup Foundation Date-time-picker with Laravel

I am working on a conference scheduling system by using Laravel and Foundation, and I need to send email to notify the admin that user's reservation information. Here is how I managed to make them work together happily. I used this Foundation Date-time-picker calendar created by jockmac22:, which looks pretty to me. Then for adding it to … Continue reading Setup Foundation Date-time-picker with Laravel

Enable different theme for each drupal organic group 7

I have been working on organic group 7 for a while to build a system. Here are the steps for how to set up different theme for different groups:1. Download the og_theme module, here:, install and enable it.2. Navigate to Administration/Configuration/Organic Groups/Organic groups field settings3. In the "Bundles" drop down select your group content … Continue reading Enable different theme for each drupal organic group 7