EdMedia 2015 @ Montréal, Québec, Canada


Our paper “Designing a New Media Enhanced Learning Environment: Our Development Model” got accepted to the EdMedia 2015 conference, so we got a chance to visit Montreal and present our work there.

I also had the opportunity to interact with other researchers in the field and get some new idea. For example, i am partially interested in using Game for language learning, so I was so pleased to talk with Professor Jon-Chao Hong and his team from National Taiwan Normal University. They designed a Chinese language learning game, and mentioned a term “Competitive anxiety”, which reminds me of the competition between players in a game. I wonder if it would cause some side-effect for learning.

Speaking of game, I went to another session about Serious Games–”Examining Chocolate-Covered Broccoli: Eyetracking Evaluation of the ExMan Serious Game” by Seugnet Blignaut, Gordon Matthew and Chrisna Botha-Ravyse from South African. I like how they mentioned that:

  • The longer an area of interest (AOI) is attended
  • the higher the cognitive load
  • the deeper the processing of the information
  • the better the learning
  • Think aloud protocol frequently proble cognitive activities during learning

The other topic I am interested in is Problem Based Learning. Ann-Louise Davidson and Nadia Naffi talked about “Design the experience, then they will find the content. rather than design the content.”, which is kinda inspiring for me. The experience goes first!

Human Brain is such an interesting thing, and it is the foundation for learning. Sahbi Benlamine and his colleague from University of Montreal, Canada did a REALLY interesting research about Brain-based gaming, in which they measured engagement during gameplay by using a SUPER COOL tool called Emotive. I also like the idea of “Learning is influenced by Emotions”. Hope to read more researches from them.

Above all, I had such a great time in this conference, and would like to go next year in Vancouver!


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