15 Classroom Response System

You may have used iCliker or other physical classroom instant response system, but I would like to present these 15 web/app/virtual classroom response systems that I found somewhat useful for my personal future design or classroom use. Based on the functionality, User Interface(UI), User Experience (UX), they are rated from best to least. BTW, the rate is solely my personal opinion. Read On.

No.1  Verso: http://versoapp.com/  


Verso is a free service that offers a nice way to deliver flipped lessons to students and gather feedback from them. Teacher can create Verso classrooms that students can join. Teachers can post videos, links, and files from their Google Drive account in the classroom.  When students sign into the Verso classroom they will see every new item teachers have posted for them. Students can track their completion progress in their account dashboards.


Overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGaSzE2bilk


  • Website is Responsive
  • Easy to create Flip
  • User friendly interface
  • Provide Stats
  • Library for all the flips


  • Not found yet.

No.2 Mentimeter: https://www.mentimeter.com/  

mentimeterMentimeter allows you to pose a question to your audience and get instant feedback on that question through cell phones, tablets, and any other Internet-connected device. It doesn’t have has many features, but it is free and very easy to use. Personally, I really like the visualization part.


Overview video: https://vimeo.com/112264046


  • Responsive Design
  • Visualize the result
  • Easy to setup quiz/question: multiple choice, open ended, vote, dual axis, scales
  • User friendly interface
  • Any platform to participate
  • Example Library
  • Good UI&UX – dashboard


  • Not based on classroom setting
  • The name is kinda hard to remember

No.3. Typeform: http://www.typeform.com/

typeformTechnolically, Typeform is not designed for specific classroom use, but I really like their design, so they are in my top 3 list.


  • Good UI
  • Provide examples
  • Drag and Drop / WYSIWYG
  • Provides Analysis, results, reports, etc


  • Not entirely real time
  • Not entirely reponsive
  • Just a form

No.4 ClassKick: http://www.getclasskick.com/#home


As students work on a teacher-made Classkick assignment on their iPads, teachers see every students’ work progressing all at once. Students can privately raise hands, teachers give individualized, real-time student feedback.

(Image from Google)




  • Has tutorial for both students and teachers, Good Tutorial
  • Good functionality
  • Good ui/ux
  • Student roaster


  • Only has App for iPad

NO 5. Plickers https://plickers.com/

plickersI like this one because it is like playing board games in the class!


  • Copy and paster roster
  • Student does not need a device
  • Add quiz/question on website
  • Responsive site
  • Good UI/UX


  • App, can only be used on iPhone
  • Have to buy the cards

No 6. Kahoots: https://getkahoot.com/


A game based classroom response system


  • Responsive
  • Easy to create quiz/discussion/survey (image/video)
  • Time limit for quiz
  • User friendly interface
  • Privacy select/ difficulty level/ tags
  • For any device
  • Download results/ import to google drive
  • Videos about how to use it
  • Student don’t need an account, simply input the URL to participant


  • Game based (don’t get me wrong, I really like games! but…)

No 7. QuizSocket: http://www.quizsocket.com/


QuizSocket lets you run a quiz in a class room in real-time. You are asking the questions either verbally, on the board or on slides, and QuizSocket collects the answers from the students.


  • Responsive
  • Easy to create a quiz
  • Clean interface


  • Beta
  • Can not customize questions in the system.

No 8. Padlet:https://padlet.com/  


Create and collaborate with others in a online wall. Padlet is in my Top 10 because I love their humane design! For example, you have to click “I am beautiful” to finish the registration.


  • Responsive
  • Easy to create content and share
  • User friendly interface


  • Only for sharing the content, no response

No 9. ExitTicket: http://exitticket.org/

exitticket Advantages:

  • Different platform friendly
  • Can manage more than one class period
  • Provide different types of questions
  • Has a calendar to show all the quiz for teachers
  • Student registration process is good
  • Track student progress


  • Interface is too commercialized
  • not user friendly

No 10. AnswerGarden: http://answergarden.ch/


Can be used for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback.


  • Email Reminder
  • Real time
  • Easy to use


  • Only has open ended question

No 11. TodaysMeet:https://todaysmeet.com/  It is like the Drupal Chat we had for Diane.today's meet


  • export data
  • easy to use
  • online chat


  • not responsive
  • no data stats
  • UI

No 12. Learning Catalytics: https://learningcatalytics.com/

learningcataglogHonestly, I could not really access to this system, but I decide to list it here just for reference.




  • Had to verify the instructor status to get access
  • Not responsive

No 13. Socrative: http://www.socrative.com

socrativeSocrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. Socrative saves teachers time so the class can further collaborate, discuss, extend and grow as a community of learners.



  • Easy to Setup
    • Quiz: multiple choice, True/False, Open-ended
    • Quick Question;
    • Setup game;
  • Interface simple


  • Only has quiz

No 14. Poll Everywhere: http://www.polleverywhere.com/classroom-response-system

poll Instructors have used Poll Everywhere in a huge variety of ways, including:

  • Taking attendance
  • Moderating a discussion
  • Promoting deep learning
  • Giving grades
  • Prepping for an exam
  • Running a team competition




  • Website is not responsive

No 15. 81dash: http://81dash.com/


  • UI not so good
  • Just for the numbers

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