SITE 2015

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In spring 2015, I attended SITE 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of my colleague and I presented our study about the topic of “The Technological Landscape of Preservice Teachers: Faculty Technology Modeling”, which we co-authored with Dr.Joan Hughes.

It was a delightful experience for me, because I not only met some ‘old’ friends from last year’s conference, such as Spencer for MSU, my virtual professor from Second Life, also I had chance to talk with some one who interested in Games & Simulations and other Ed-Tech experts, enthusiastic scholars.

The most rewarding one is the keynote from Dr. James Paul Gee. He talked about the idea of learning System, which he wrote one piece about it for the special issue Gaming and Education in the journal I worked as an Editor and border member last year – Texas Education Review. The metaphor of “No teacher in the future is like saying no author for book, no designer for games” is really appealing.

The short talk with Co-Founder and Creative Director from BrittCarr Interactive Learning was interesting as well. They created an easy-to-use online tool for creating custom, game-like study apps for students’ device called SMASH fact, which is a great example for gamification. Dr.Gary Liu from Urban Technology Group also presented his idea about motivational factors of Game-based Learning for Urban Students. Young Scholar Min Yuan from UtahState University introduce the Teachers Pay Teachers, the open market for teachers to share lesson plans and other teaching resources. Sébastien hock-koon is an interesting game designer to talk with as well.

Hope to see all the old friends and more new scholars next year in SITE 2016 @ Savannah, GA, USA from March 21 – 25, 2016.


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