The Power of R

Here I would like to share Five Steps in Twelve lines of R code to draw some plots, histograms, boxplot and pie chart (so many stuff!).  It is super easy and convenient! I am sure you will be impressed by the R power, just like I do. Environment: R Studio Data Source: Rdatasets (A great … Continue reading The Power of R


Top 5 unbelievable phenomenon about Education and Technologies.

No.5 You can not text student although they are using text most. Just as Barab, Gresalfi and Ingram-Goble (2010) mentioned that much of the social interaction among students now occurs through texting. Teenagers’ monthly average of text messages was 3,417—approximately seven messages per hour; they prefer texting over voice calling because it is faster (22%), … Continue reading Top 5 unbelievable phenomenon about Education and Technologies.

SITE 2015

In spring 2015, I attended SITE 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of my colleague and I presented our study about the topic of "The Technological Landscape of Preservice Teachers: Faculty Technology Modeling", which we co-authored with Dr.Joan Hughes. It was a delightful experience for me, because I not only met some 'old' friends … Continue reading SITE 2015